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No faith in decision

The decision to remove free bus passes from children at faith schools from September is going to spark further outcry. The council took the unilateral decision last year but was forced to reconsider the proposal after the strength of opposition it generated. It has now instigated a further consultation and come up with a compromise which protects those children about to take exams but takes the passes away from children who are there already. That is still an unfair decision. Parents made the decision to send their children to the school and had not calculated that they would have to foot the bill for travel. The council should have continued to fund the passes for children there or come up with a subsidy plan to help with the cost. Some parents will now be forced to take a decision to withdraw their children purely on cost grounds which is an unfair penalty.

Spread this good work

We welcome the move to get Victim Support officers accompanying police officers on visits to homes where break-ins have occurred. Burglary often causes the most emotional and psychological damage. The effect can be far-reaching so it is important to have expert help on hand to offer instant help. We hope Operation Forager, which was launched in Rotherham last month, can be copied across our county. Visiting every victim and the 40 nearest homes to their property within 24 hours is an effective way of offering practical and emotional support.

Sorry saga

Being threatened with a visit from the bailiffs when you’ve done nothing to deserve it simply isn’t on. So those Sheffield motorists who suffered this fate after being falsely accused of failing to pay parking fines deserve an apology. We also hope a lesson has been learned from this and that steps are taken to ensure this does not happen again.