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Hands off our name

Our protected status is under threat - and it is under threat from civil servants who just don’t understand the unique status we have.
Mandarins in Whitehall want to cut red tape that slows down the efficiency of business and gets in the way of their trading.
We wholeheartedly endorse that move. But not when it is based on a complete lack of understanding of how some red tape actually works in favour of the broader good. 
The name of Sheffield is synonymous with quality manufacturing. It stands for quality and is famous the world over. Which is why imposters abroad have tried to imitate it and undermine the value of the mark of Sheffield.
So Business Secretary Vince Cable wants to remove that protection believing he is acting for the good of business.
He needs to step out of his office in London and come to Sheffield to understand the imporatance of his proposal.
As the Master Cutler Neill MacDonad says: “The Government wants to take away the protection of Sheffield’s name from cheap imitations.”
Sheffield is proud of its name and its heritage and reputation and we will not let it go without a fight. Mr Cable, you have been warned.

A city of festivals

Sheffield is a festival city catering for all walks of life and interests. This week we are highlighting the start of the summer season of festivals which show just how vibrant a place it is to live. Yesterday we highlighted the poetry festival - one that fits neatly with the Off the Shelf literary festival later in the year. Today it is the turn of Broomhill - a cultural honeypot of life that will feature lectures, talks, performances of art, drama and food over 15 days. We also see Doc.Fest in June - a festival of film that is fast gaining international acclaim and then the Children’s Festival. The wealth of choice and depth of festivals that spread across the whole of the year are an indicator of the vibrancy of this city which we should rightly be proud of and celebrate.