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Paige is fine role model

People say the youths of today are lazy, unruly, and give little thought to others. Occasionally they are right. But most of the time it is a completely misrepresentative view of a great many young people who are conscientious, charitable and hard-working. One such example is Paige Salt, aged 18, who was so deeply affected by the sudden death of her best friend Kyle Hancock that she’s pledged to raise as much money as she can in his memory, which includes planning a daring skydive. Seeing someone so young go to such lengths to remember a pal is extremely moving – and a sharp rebuttal to the usual criticisms of modern teens.

Baffling drink plan

On the face of it, there can’t really be any sensible objections to the idea of Sheffield University turning its former Halifax halls of residence into a luxury boutique hotel. There’s an undeniable gap in the market for such venues in the city, and it would also be another shot in the arm for the local economy. But contained in the hotel’s licensing application, set for discussion this week, is a request for permission to serve alcohol 24 hours a day. Why an establishment in leafy Broomhill would need to serve drinks morning, noon and night is anyone’s guess – presumably the proprietors hope to maximise the opportunity for boozy functions. Hopefully licensing committee members will tone matters down a little and grant more sensible drinking hours.


Rudston School in Rotherham may have opened 65 years ago but it has kept its traditional values.
Opening doors for others, picking up litter and being polite are only little things – but they are appreciated more than ever today.
How refreshing to see them still being instilled in our future generations.