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Sheffield is a hidden secret to the rest of the world. For some reason we are too reticent when it comes to our successes. 
Maybe that is part of our South Yorkshire DNA, but we need to do more to make the country and, yes, the world, sit up and take notice of us.
This is the year that Sheffield celebrates the 100th anniversary of the invention of stainless steel, here in this great city. A discovery that has quite literally shaped the face of the world with so many iconic buildings.
But as the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, a local boy made good, says, we don’t do enough of telling people of our achievements.
Not enough people know about the achievements of our universities, the success of the Advanced Manufacturing Park, the fantastic Peak District that is on our doorstep.
There are a lot of people trying to make their voices heard, but what we really need is a co-ordinated marketing campaign that goes across the world to sing the praises of this city.


Schoolgirl Ellie Thompson is amazing. The 11-year-old has fought leukaemia for two years, undergoing a gruelling course of chemotherapy and being prescribed a mind-boggling array of tablets, lotions and medicines. It’s an ordeal which would prove too much for any ordinary mortal. But Ellie took it all in her stride and has now received fantastic news – she is free from cancer. It’s a moment to savour for everyone as Ellie can finally wave farewell to the drugs and say hello to a bright future.


Every day there’s something new to look at on The Moor. It’s not just the new markets building, it’s the walkways, the benches and the scaffolding surrounding long-empty buildings. This is a work in progress which bodes well for Sheffield’s future.