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So the ambitious masterplan to revitalise Sheffield city centre has been laid out – the prospect of a vibrant, ‘18-hours-a-day’ hub buzzing with shops, restaurants, a cinema and lush green spaces. It all sounds impressive and if the proposals reach fruition should see the city finally rubbing shoulders with – or even surpassing – Leeds and Manchester as a key destination of the North. This sort of vision from the council is just what is needed to make the city a success – we cannot simply wait for better economic times. Being bold will stand us in good stead when the country is prospering again. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that the beleaguered Sevenstone project – a central component of the masterplan – was first announced in 2005, and not a brick has yet been laid. Investors need to know that, as well as dreaming up grand schemes, Sheffield can make things happen too.

A SHOW of resilience

Times may be tough, but the Sheffield City Region’s companies are showing their resilience. The evidence is there to be seen in the latest survey of the region’s Top 100 companies, published in today’s Star and drawn up in collaboration with leading independent accountants Barber Harrison & Platt. Aggregate turnover, profits and employee numbers are up and the membership of the table has remained remarkably stable. The rankings also show that innovation continues to play a key part in local businesses’ successes. That’s really great news as the city celebrates the 100th anniversary of the discovery of stainless steel and the Galvanize festival demonstrates the breadth and depth of its metal working skills.


Someone knows who knocked over law student Sarah Cameron in Sheffield. If it’s you, tell the police and help ease this brave woman’s recurring nightmare. She deserves to have her mind put at rest.