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Why do people drop litter? Is it laziness because they just can’t be bothered to walk to a bin? Or is it because they don’t care what this city looks like? Whatever the reason, they need teaching a lesson, so we are pleased to see a crackdown on litter louts reaping rewards. The number of prosecutions has increased five-fold since we published a picture showing the dreadful state of Devonshire Green. Now people in the area say the problem has reduced, which proves that prosectuion works. But there are still days when the litter louts strike and for that reason we hope the council continues its war against offenders. We cannot abide litter, it shows a totlal lack of repect for this city, which in our eyes is a crime worth punishing.

defying the doubters

When Grimethorpe colliery closed 20 years ago many people thought the village would die with it. And for a time it appeared they were right. Most of the 2,000 people who lived there were in some way connected with the pit. But they didn’t count on the determination of Grimey folk. The village is now thriving, thanks to millions of pounds of public and private investment. It’s apt then that author Mel Dyke’s new book is not only looking back, but to the future. It’s a wonderful and uplifting read of a proud community and an unbreakable spirit that will never say die.

Donating gift of life

We have nearly reached the halfway stage in our appeal to find 12,000 new recruits for the organ donor register.
That’s a great achievement as the countdown gets into full swing for the Westfield Heath British Transplant Games here in Sheffield this August.
Becoming a donor can help to transform a life. So why not join the register?