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Using science to catch criminals is often the stuff of TV thrillers but it works in the real world too. Police used a new method called optimal foraging to snare a prolific burglar by working out where he would strike next. The method works on the theory that a burglar will target a whole neighbourhood rather than just one home, over a period of time. So after a spate of 12 break-ins around the Norton, Heeley and Gleadless areas of Sheffield, police sent out patrols in Norton and caught a 17-year-old in the act. This is an excellent result and shows just how effective the police can be if they are given the right resources.


Do we really need to drink until 2.30am? It’s a question worth asking after a city bar asked to open until that time every night during the week. Owners of The Lion’s Lair have applied to extend their closing time, which is currently midnight, Sundays to Thursdays. Is this really necessary? Who wants to drink until 2.30am on a Tuesday evening? We understand that businesses must make their money where the opportunity presents itself, but the licensing authorities should balance this with a duty of care. We do not think such hours are necessary or desirable.


Our inspiring Superkids never fail to move us. Their tales of triumph over adversity put our own troubles in context. The bravery shown by Max Davies to defy cancer and his resilience in dealing with such devastating news at such a young age is amazing. And the determination shown by Thomas Holmes to play sport despite the odds against him is admirable. Their efforts all help make their families’ lives so much more worthwhile and we are privileged to honour them.