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People have say on ikea

You only have to say the word Ikea to get a reaction. And surely it doesn’t really matter what you think of their furniture, an Ikea store in Sheffield would bring millions of pounds to the economy and create hundreds of jobs. If proof was needed that the people of Sheffield want this plan to go-ahead you need look no further than the firm’s public exhibition. More than 1,000 people took time out to have their say during the consultation ahead of the submitted £60 million plans. Ikea say virtually everyone gave them the thumbs up. There has been a growing chorus of support for the scheme in recent weeks and it is time somebody listened. Nobody knows what will happen when it does go before the planning board but common sense must prevail.


The animal cruelty figures released by the RSPCA give us much cause for concern. The charity says we are facing a growing cruelty crisis after finding scores of pets in terrible states of distress. The Star champions compassion towards animals, and you respond – as witnessed by our Give A Dog A Home campaign. So to read of cases where wounded animals have not been treated for years is disturbing. We must continue to support the work of the RSPCA and trust that a robust legal response to the culprits will halt the unwanted growth in animal neglect and cruelty cases.


A colourful garden for the use of families, clubs and local residents - what a simple yet brilliant idea. Not only will it transform an unused piece of land in Shiregreen, it is an opportunity to build bridges among different groups and forge new friendships. Let’s hope lots of people recognise what a lovely opportunity this is to come together in green surroundings. From small seeds, strong communities grow.