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victims of shoplifting

Shoplifting is not a victimless crime, although it seems that many of the people now engaging in the practice are victims - victims of poverty. South Yorkshire Police are seeing a shocking increase in the number of shoplifting offences, now exceeding 10,000 incidents a year. That is a rise of around 500 crimes on the previous year and chief constable David Crompton has put this down to the effects of the recession. While we have huge sympathy for those driven to this sort of crime just to put food on their table, it is the retailers and the shoppers who are really the victims. Profits are hit for those striving so hard to make a living out of the retail trade and then costs are passed on to us through higher prices. There is no answer to the problem in sight and as Chamber of Commerce executive director Richard Wright says, he suspects this is the sign of a worsening trend associated with the economy.

praise the school hero

Today sees the launch of The Star’s first ever education awards where we seek to recognise the hard work and achievements of people in schools. It may be a teacher who has gone the extra mile, a class who have put together a great project, a dinner supervisor who does far more than that, or a pupil who has made an amazing impact on the school. There are so many good stories in our classrooms that seldom see the light of day in publicity. Our new Class Act supplement published on Tuesdays seeks to highlight those stories, but now we want to recognise them in a much bigger way, too. So take a look at page three today to find out how you can sing the praises of someone you know in school.

Lighting up

The Streets Ahead project where we are seeing new lampposts and roads resurfaced is winning friends and support. The new lighting system is a great improvement. Roll on the rest of the project.