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DOING a good deed is something we should all aspire to because it helps make life so much better. It can be an act which costs nothing more than a few seconds of your time, but makes a world of difference to the person you assist. Whether it’s helping an older person cross the road or opening a door for someone, these small deeds can put a smile back on people’s faces because it shows we care. And that is what good deed day is all about. It gives us a chance to put right the myth that people have stopped caring and are only interested in themselves. We know Star readers rise above such negative stereotypes. You prove it time and again by responding to our appeals and putting others before yourselves. So let us all do a good deed and help make everyone’s day that little bit better.


NEIGHBOURHOOD cinema is making a comeback thanks to a group of film-buff friends who are showing great community spirit. Sharrow Reels are screening movies at a church in the suburb and already dozens of people are packing the seats. It’s a reminder of days gone by, when people strolled down their street to go to the pictures. Sheffield had 60 such picture houses and who’s to say this scheme won’t catch on again? It’s great to see a community pull together and share in something so positive. We wish Sharrow Reels every success because this venture deserves to thrive and be a box office smash.


WE have already made it clear that IKEA’s plannned store must not be turned away and that opinion is today endorsed by Richard Wright, the executive director of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce. The case for IKEA is simple - 700 jobs, £60m of investment and a big name store to boost Sheffield’s aim of attracting shoppers. It’s a package which is too attractive to resist. Surely it cannot be allowed to fail? Richard Wright agrees and we hope the city’s planners will too because to lose this opportunity would be nothing short of madness.