Only want to use cash

I HAVE just heard an interesting phrase used by that over-tanned antiques expert on TV: 'cash is king.'

How apt, unless you are a Sheffield Wednesday supporter! I recently received my renewal for my season ticket and after last year they appear to be ripping off supporters yet again.

When we were on Planet Strafford, the world seemed to revolve around the internet. But what of those who have no internet or no interest in it? Last year, when I renewed at the ticket office, I made the point with staff that I, and many others like me, want to pay off-line, in cash or by other means and feel we are ripped off for doing this.

The person I spoke to was very sympathetic and eventually I paid the online price after pointing out that nowhere I had ever shopped charged me a fee for paying cash.

But now I see that nothing has changed and they expect us to pay anything between 9 and a staggering 24 for the privilege of paying off-line.

The leaflet that came with the renewal points out the 'easy ways to pay' and goes on to say 'whichever way you choose to buy your season ticket, we have a way to pay that suits you'.

Oh no you don't because, the way that suits me is cash and I'm not going to be ripped off by between 9 and 24.

I daren't ask what charges there are for paying by cheque - that's if they still take them.

You can add to that another 2 if you want to pay by card at the Megastore ticket office and a 5 booking fee is just around the corner should you decide to ring on the rip-off 0871 phone line.

I hope they are not going down the airline company route where every little thing is subject to a fee or charges, or both.

Brassed Off Owl, Mosborough

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