Only people on lowest rungs have boot stuck in

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Once again we have a programme showing benefit claimants in a bad light,

Up to now the programme has shown a shoplifter and an alcoholic drug addict bragging about their shoplifting and how the addict scams people out of money by supposedly selling The Big Issue to people, when in fact they are just random magazines that have been stolen from a hotel.

People and MPs see this sort of programme and tar every claimant with the same brush, when in fact this is not the case.

After watching this programme what actions are the police and benefits agency taking?

Perhaps get the shoplifter locked up and the addict put in rehab.

I think its about some TV producer did a series of programmes about MPs who fiddle their expenses by claiming for such things as duck houses to be built, or who own properties in London and rent them out to other MPs and then claim expenses for properties they have to rent. Let’s see some expenses sheets of the worst offenders, bankers who take drugs, people who use offshore accounts to not pay tax, companies who manage to earn millions but pay no taxes. We know they wouldn’t do this because it seems it’s only people on the lower rungs of the social ladder who have the boot stuck in every time.