One day the party will be well and truly over, then what?

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It would appear that Star columnist Anouchka Santella has a lot to learn about life (Star, February 17).

At the moment she is young and carefree and sees herself as a party animal spending most nights out on the town until 3am or later. She considers those who think “drugs and parties are for immature lazy people and getting a job, a house and a husband is way more important” are the “most boring people ever”.

Oh dear, I fear one day soon she’s going to come crashing down to earth with a bang when she eventually realises she cannot “dance and party and be surrounded with drunk people forever”.

Unless she wants to end up as one of life’s drop-outs at some point she is going to have to enter the real world and sort out her priorities by concentrating on her studies or looking for a job instead of wasting her life.

She claims not to like alcohol but admires those who do and says she gets herself “in as much trouble as any drunk girl would and has as much fun”.

Sadly, what she sees as an attractive lifestyle can easily lead to a downward spiral into danger and despair, so she needs to grow up and face the often unpalatable truth that mixing with people who get high on drugs and drink isn’t just harmless fun but can wreck people’s lives with their friends and family usually having to pick up the pieces. Ms Santella needs to be cautious. You can’t party with wild abandon until dawn forever and it makes one wonder - does she sleep all day? How sad!

No one can begrudge young people enjoying their youth but life isn’t all about partying 24/7 and in no time at all she will wake up one day finding her youth gone and the party well and truly over.

She says she is a “proper control freak” but, the question to ask is does she have any control over her life.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, S10 4EZ