Once troubled Kid has fitness and talent to come of age

Kid Galahad at St Thomas Boys Club in Wincobank Sheffield
Kid Galahad at St Thomas Boys Club in Wincobank Sheffield
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He began his career with the unlikely moniker of Barry The Arab.

Abdul Barry Awad, now known as Kid Galahad was always one to be reckoned with since he took to boxing to keep out of trouble and - more importantly - out of the gangs that plagued the area he grew up in.

He had seen his old school mates get injured and killed on the streets and seen others go to prison.

He knew he didn’t want to follow, but he was close.

Barry was nothing but bother until he discovered boxing at the age of 14.

Banned from all buses and trams in the city for fighting and refusing to pay fares, kicked out of Myers Grove school, banned from youth clubs and swimming baths throughout Sheffield.

A life of crime beckoned in an area then blighted by one of the city’s most notorious gangs.

But he got the boxing bug - thanks to his mum who took him to St Thomas’ gym in Wincobank.

It turned his life around.

Back in 2009 he sat in his mother’s sitting room for an interview with The Star alongside his mum and grandad and was full of ideas and bursting with energy.

But he already had the focus.

He knew he had a chance to be something special.

He had realised that he had to be mentally tough to get out of the life that appeared to be waiting for him.

With nine knockouts in 18 victorious fights the undefeated Kid is on the verge of achieving all he dared to dream of as a teenager back in 2009.

Back then he looked up to former world champion Naseem Hamed as a hero.

Now kids look up to him and he is pushing himself even harder to be the best he can be.

Already freakishly fit according to those that know, and now working under the supervision of Sheffield Hallam University sports scientists taking his fitness to new levels.

Though he missed out on the pre-Christmas fight he was hoping for it’s just a matter of time before he gets his big chance.

Back in 2009 he had a sense of his destiny and answered the question of whether he might slide back into trouble with a steely glare and a short and certain:

“No, I won’t be distracted.”

Nor will he now, not with the world at his feet.