Oi! Students, leave our streets alone

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I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or whether I’m right in my observations, but the new intake of students at the universities who have arrived in the past week or so have done exactly what the new intake did last year, in fact every year it happens.

On taking my usual jaunt into the town on a Monday morning, I just couldn’t believe the amount of takeaway trays piled up against litter bins, scattered round benches, food scattered everywhere, drinks containers put on window ledges, on top of bus shelters, anywhere where they think its funny.

On West Street, it’s just unbelievable the rubbish that’s left, the same problem exists on Ecclesall Road. It’s a pigeon’s gourmet delight, food and bodily ejected food and drink.

If I could lecture them, I would say: “Oi! Students, no! leave our streets alone, treat our streets like your mum’s front room,.

“Drink sensibly and take your litter home, parcel it up and send it to your parents to dispose of. Don’t mess my town up pal.”

I also know that the resident young people of Sheffield should also heed this advice.

The Green Giant

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