Off-the-lead pitbull still missing after attack

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An American pitbull terrier off the lead in Sheffield savaged a woman so badly she ended up in hospital.

Ashley Hall, aged 26, who was walking the dog for a friend, was jailed for 42 days after giving police a false name. Although a Sheffield Crown Court judge issued a destruction order against the dog, ‘Boss’, it has still not been found nearly 18 months after the attack.

Laura Marshall, prosecuting, said 62-year-old Pauline Ashley was badly bitten while visiting her daughter in Arbourthorne. She was walking to her car when Hall appeared with two dogs off the lead.

“Suddenly, without warning, one of the dogs, a black and white one, ran at her and bit her right leg,” said Miss Marshall.

The victim spent two days in the Northern General Hospital and needed surgery to a four centimetre gash to the back of her knee and a wound to her lower leg where a chunk of flesh was missing.

Miss Marshall said: “She was in severe pain with blood pouring from her leg.”

Hall gave police a false name, Sean Hunt, although he did supply a correct date of birth and address.

The victim was left concerned the pit bull might attack a child.

Hall, of Raeburn Road, Gleadless, admitted being in control of a dog that was dangerously out of control in a public place on December 4, 2012.

Judge Paul Watson told Hall: “This was grossly reckless conduct on your part.”

The court heard the police had made extensive inquiries to locate the dog at four addresses, including one in Twickenham, but had not found the animal.

He passed a destruction order on the dog which will be implemented if it is ever found.