Nurse ‘let blood spurt over bed’

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An INEXPERIENCED agency nurse left a critically ill patient’s drip unattached and spurting blood over his sheets at a private Sheffield hospital, a hearing was told.

Celestina Obi told bosses she was qualified to work on a high-dependency ward of the Thornbury Hospital at Ranmoor despite not having the necessary skills, it is alleged.

Obi, who worked for the Ambition 24 agency, also connected the wrong infusions to two of the same patient’s three intravenous lines, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard. She then disobeyed the orders of a senior nurse who was instructing her how to correct the mistakes.

Jamie Hunt, for the NMC, said Obi had been drafted in to work at the Thornbury in November 2008. When questioned she claimed to be “skilled as a high-dependency nurse”.

Later another nurse noticed blood spilling from an IV tube and over the bed sheets. It was attached to Patient A’s arm but the opposite end was not connected.

A separate gelofusine infusion, used to replace lost fluids, was also incorrectly attached to another drip line in the patient’s neck, the hearing was told.

The hearing was told neither Patient A nor his wife had complained about the incident and no investigation had been undertaken by the hospital or agency.

A doctor who examined Patient A on the day was asked to give evidence, but could not recall examining him, it was claimed.

Obi admits not identifying Patient A’s peripheral line was not attached to a drip and not drawing blood from him when asked to.

But she denies not identifying saline or dextrose saline was incorrectly connected to his arterial line, not identifying another drip was connected to his central line, and not removing the arterial line when instructed to.

She further denies that her fitness to practise is impaired.

If found guilty of misconduct she could be struck off the nursing register.

No address or date of birth for Obi were disclosed during the hearing.

The case continues.