Nuisance neighbour warned

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AN ANTI-SOCIAL tenant has been given a final chance to stop plaguing neighbours with loud music and threatening behaviour or face eviction.

Sarah Newey, aged 34, of Grimsell Close, Foxhill, appeared at Sheffield County Court for the second time for breaching an injunction ordering her to behave.

The court order was granted against her in May 2010 after she played excessively loud amplified music and made serious threats to her neighbour.

At her previous court appearance, last September, Newey admitted to all 12 breaches of the injunction and received a 28-day suspended prison sentence.

The injunction was also extended to expire in September 2011.

But Newey’s behaviour continued and she was brought back to court, where Sheffield Council made an application for possession of her council house.

During the new hearing, Newey admitted 14 breaches of the injunction and a Suspended Possession Order was granted.

Judge John Bullimore told Newey: “You have run out of options now. If this matter returns to court you are likely to lose your home.”

Coun Penny Baker, Sheffield Council’s cabinet member for housing, said: “This is Newey’s final warning. Any further proven incident of abusive or threatening behaviour or anti-social behaviour and the tenant is quite likely to lose her home as well as serve a prison term.

“We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour to members of the public.”