Nuclear power peril exposed

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Before the Fukushima disaster, I objected to nuclear power on the grounds that it diverts money from investment in energy saving and true renewable energy.

The safety issue was less clear.

However, recent revelations show the levels of radiation emitted from the Fukushima reactors were far, far higher than previously admitted. One study suggests that there has been a 35% increase in miscarriages on the northwest US coast shortly after the event.

Some experts have commented that the radiation will continue to be dispersed into the water table and the atmosphere for some years, because the technology to clean up the meltdown doesn’t yet exist.

This now lays bare any claim that it is a safe technology.

Both TEPCO officials and the Japanese Government appear to have deliberately misled the world about the extent of the damage.

Add to this the news that a reactor in the USA also recently had an accident, news of which has been suppressed by the White House.

This tendency by the authorities to try to cover up accidents makes me think they know something we don’t and they’re scared to tell us. This is nothing new and it isn’t necessarily due to safety fears, but to fears a public outcry would force the nuclear power industry out of the market.

But if we aren’t being told, we can’t judge. That is undemocratic and unsafe.

Peter Garbutt, Sheffield Green Party, Raleigh Road, Heeley