Now is time to do your bit

Have your say

BATHED in unseasonal sunshine and basking in soothing temperatures, our county woke today to the grim news that we are officially in drought.

This is a severe blow for agriculture and businesses which rely on the water they extract from natural supplies around our region.

It will also spell difficult times for wildlife, unless the situation changes drastically and rapidly.

And though there is no immediate threat to domestic water supplies, this is not something we can – nor should – take for granted.

Therefore it is down to all of us to show some restraint and consideration in how we use water in the immediate future. For, by taking care now we may well help weather the water-less storm which may well be lying in wait for us later on in the summer.

That is why we urge everyone to do their bit to save water voluntarily now rather than be forced to do even more at a later date.

Election change is long overdue

WE fully support Sheffield MP Meg Munn’s call for a change in the law if it is to prevent a repetition of the outrageous abuse of electoral power, as was seen in Sheffield when hundreds of voters were turned away from polling stations in the city simply because officials could not cope with the press of people.

When voting ended at 10pm on the last general election day, those who had not yet passed over the threshold of the polling station were sent packing.

This cannot be an acceptable way for a democratic process to be conducted.

MP Munn is right that anyone who is clearly present – whether in a queue or inside a polling station – when the deadline approaches should be entitled to vote.

After all, we hear only too often complaints that not enough people take up their democratic rights.

Just be courteous

IT is shameful in these enlightened times that there should be a need for a campaign to ensure that people with disabilities can use transport without being abused and left feeling bemused and angry.

But Sheffield law firm Unity Law clearly has identified a gaping hole in the nation’s self-respect which has allowed a sub culture to develop which discriminates against disabled people, particularly on bus services.

It is particularly disturbing when all that is being requested is for people to be courteous to disabled passengers and be aware of their limitations and needs.