Nothing wrong in a lower speed limit

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I WAS interested to read your article on the proposed extension of 20mph speed limits, and the deluge of mostly ill-informed online comment that followed.

I don’t see the problem with the proposal when, due either to potholes or ill-designed speed humps, we have had a de facto 20mph limit on most side streets for some years.

I for one would prefer to make steady 20mph progress down a side street than have to play the 30 - 15 - 30 game as is currently the case.

Bear in mind that even on main roads a car will struggle to average 20mph across town.

And you only have to see the contradiction between the first two paragraphs of this story to see what a lot of fluff it really is.

It is highly unlikely every side road is going to end up with a 20 limit.

Lastly, some commenters have insidiously attempted to shift responsibility for road safety onto parents and children.

While it is true to say not all children are models of alertness and road sense, it is not the responsibility or concern of primary-school-aged children to ‘read the roads’, any more than it is my concern as a driver to know what time Peppa Pig is on.

Motorists are the ones choosing to drive a one-ton steel box at 30mph - don’t impose the consequences of your choices on kids who have only just got off stabilisers. Expect the unexpected. Driving at 20mph could help with this.

David Redford,

Fox Hill,


Market is on the up

We, at Billy’s Frillys, would like you to know that although it was necessary two years ago to condense our premises from four stalls to two, things have been looking up.

At first our takings remained the same, now they are going up. We think people are recognising the market is a great place to get a bargain; also they appreciate the customer service.

The market may not be as big as it was but the stalls that are left are really good.And there is the banter you get in the market. Where else can you get such an enjoyable shopping experience?

Trevor Shaw, Billy’s Frillys,

Stall 182, Castle Market,

Road safety is key

I CAN’T believe what I sometimes read, your article in the Star about 20mph near Stradbroke School. Claire O’Malley of Aughton Crescent says “There are lots of kids who live here and they run across the road without looking”.

You have hit the nail on the head, it doesn’t matter how slow a vehicle goes when a child is not taught how to cross a road.

Name and address supplied.

Behind the times

The National Pensioners Convention seems a bit behind the times by talking of compelling employers to provide pensions - the previous government set up the National Employment Savings Trust to do exactly that, part funded by compulsory employer contributions.

It is due to ‘go live’ in 2012. Also, the cut in the winter fuel payment equates to less than a pound a week over a whole year: a small price to pay when you’re getting free bus journeys, free eye tests, free prescriptions and so on.

Neil Martin

Raisen Hall Road


Tortoise is better than a hare

I WELCOMED your rather disparaging evocation of ‘Tortoise Town’ on the cover of Wednesday’s Star.

Not because I am a reactionary, but because the tortoise, as we know from Aesop’s allegorical fable, got one over on the hare! Twenty miles per hour limits have numerous benefits and very many fewer downsides.

Such limits have been proven to help ease traffic flows, reduce accidents and to increase the survivability of accidents, particularly for pedestrians. Surely that represents a progressive policy development.

Richard Ward

Osborne Road


I have to wait for my pension

I know there will be plenty of other people like myself who feel the way I do.

I am a 58-year-old lady, my birthday was last month and cannot now get a retirement pension or a bus pass till I am 63 - another 5 years from what I had been expecting.

My benefit will also be changing in the next month probably leaving me with reduced or even no benefit at all.

How the Government expects me to get a job with varioius disabilities at my age I don’t know so what am I supposed to do?

It is time the Government woke up to thinking about people similar to myself!

Name and address supplied