Nothing in the budget for the ordinary people

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The less well off really are being used as political footballs through cuts to travel, public services and much-needed benefits.

The majority of poor families who are struggling are hardworking people with no security in jobs, low paid or disabled, or senior citizens who have worked and saved all their lives – now having to use those savings to have any sort of life or being used to care for poorly family members.

How wonderful that, here again, people with large amounts of money in pension funds can access this in the hope of making more money.

Don’t blame them, they must have paid into that, but not everyone has been able to build up savings or a pension.

There’s nothing in the budget for ‘ordinary people’.

The Government have absolutely no idea or are they courting the ‘middle’ again?

We lost mum last year after keeping her and dad at home as independent as possible, still in love after 75 years.

Dad couldn’t cope without her and was unsafe at home.

Reluctantly, he is now in a home, very well looked after and visited daily. He is paying over £2,000 a month because of his savings and we will be selling his house.

They both worked and saved all their lives. We haven’t told him he is now paying for his care.

A real loving family and so many more in the same boat.