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On November 7 I posted a birthday card to my lovely granddaughter Paige Gilchrist, who lives at Lowedges and was reaching the grand age of seven.

It was sent first class as Paige’s birthday was the following day and she loves getting her cards through the post.

She was very excited watching for the postman and when it didn’t arrive the day before her birthday, her mum told Paige that grandad hadn’t forgotten and it would arrive on her birthday, which we had planned. Unfortunately this was not to be as her card was not delivered until Saturday, November 12 – four days late. My granddaughter was in floods of tears thinking that I and her nan-nan had forgotten her.

From where we live, it would take a normal person an hour to walk to Paige’s home but the Post Office let down my wife, myself but mainly our granddaughter.

Our postal service was supposed to be second to none but I don’t believe it. What’s the use of first class.

In future we will use a runner with a cleft stick.

Buster, Gleadless Valley

Disabled parking

why the furore at hospitals charging for the disabled to park? They are already privileged by having a wider space to park nearer the entrance (which I agree with as it’s not easy getting out of a car when space is limited). But most of them get disability allowance, so why not use some of it to park? I know someone who goes dancing and does many other activities which only a fairly fit person could undertake. Their allowance is used for holidays abroad and other perks which a lot of people can’t afford.

This is not sour grapes as I am one of the privileged but don’t mind paying. If it is an illness that requires frequent appointments then parking fees should be waived but otherwise a visit to a clinic now and again is different.

Clinic attender

Fuel duty rise

I wonder if David Cameron’s puppet Nick Clegg agrees with the 3p fuel rise that we, the cash cow motorists, are being made to pay in January? What else will he agree to in order to sit at his master’s table? Clegg and co will reap their reward at the next elections.

Melanie Sands, Betrayed Lib Dem voter, Hallam