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On Friday of last week, I was enjoying the afternoon sunshine in my back garden reading Philomena, when I was interrupted by a young, polite lad who had appeared from my rear driveway.

He was wearing a British Legion flourescent top and carrying a laminated sheet advertising direct debit payments to this charity, which he went on to advertise. I cut him short! I do have every sympathy with our forces personnel both in the past and present being personally involved with both.

Every “Poppy Day” £20 from me goes into the collectors tin, not any more. How dare the RBL impede on my private life and land. You have really come down in my estimation.

So as not to be bothered maybe again by another visit, my husband locked the rear gate and we went to sit on our front patio.

Within 10 minutes we were approached by another young man. This time from the British Heart Foundation.

Same thing, e.g. direct debit to this again worthwhile charity. We have a five year old grandaughter who was born with a big hole in her heart and was operated on, thankfully successfully, at Leeds General Infirmary at six weeks old. Again I support this charity in my own way and within my financial means.

How dare these charities target people in the privacy of their property. I am still “with it” even if I am 70, but how many vulnerable people will have been “sucked in” by these charming young chaps chosen by these two charities.


An avid Star Reader