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I do not want to take over the letters page as the Rustlings Road trees have done but I do need to put Terry Palmer and his cronies straight. I am not a ‘Blinkered Tory’ or deluded.

I am just turned 70 and worked until I was 68. I have never claimed dole or been out of work. I had two years off when both my children were born. I’m from a working class family and do not think myself above anyone else. My father was a steel worker but I am entitled to my own opinions and have voted Tory for many years.

The miners followed Scargill like sheep but he lost nothing. Maggie Thatcher put the unions in their place and the Tories have always had to clear up Labours debt and mess.

I had dealings with many miners’ families during the Miners’ Strike in the job I was in and they were fools to follow Scargill. In many ways miners and steel workers put themselves out of work. I was married to a steelworker at one time.

As for Labour, you’ve only got to look at the mess they’ve made of Sheffield. All the promises of how the city centre could or might look but never happens. I am now living in Chesterfield, which is still Labour but money is better spent. We have no regrets leaving Sheffield after 67 years.

By the way, I live off my pension which is less than most as I had time off to look after my kids and paid a small stamp. I have a small private pension but no benefits or pension credits. Yes I own my own house and go on holiday so I’m quite happy, ta!