Not cynical just intuitive

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I am responding to the letter ‘Like being Alice in Wonderland’ (The Star, July 4).

Disillusioned, disheartened and disgusted are some of the feelings experienced over a number of years attending meetings after an informer warned of secret council plans to demolish 75 per cent of homes on Parson Cross in order to materialise the area by bringing in a ‘more affluent breed’.

The council enlisted the aid of some of the unaffected to help guide the plans to fruition, shrouding them in mystery to prevent early opposition. Meetings were lessons in how to steer things to a pre-determined conclusion

So, no Madeleine Johnson, I don’t believe you are cynical in thinking the vote appeared weighted in the council’s favour – just intuitive.

Mary Steele

Deerlands Ave, Parson Cross