Not all right

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My husband and I decided to go out for lunch recently to a place I had been pestering him about for ages so I was really looking forward to it but I was disappointed.

It was one of those times when you get asked is everything all right and we say yes but we really mean no and I think we have all done this at some time, so I put pen to paper and just wrote a few lines about my experience.

Is Everything All right ?

Is everything all right the waitress said with a smile

Yes I said also with a smile

Is everything all right I repeated in my head

The salad was bland and doorsteps for bread

Is everything all right as I looked at my tea

It was very weak and the colour of pee

Is everything all right I thought as I looked down at my plate

As soon as I said yes I had sealed my fate

Was everything all right she said as I paid at the till

I wanted to say no but didn’t have the will

Was everything all right my head was playing the same track

NO it wasn’t and I won’t be back

Janet Barber