None of us are immune

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Perhaps the words ‘revolutionary brain technology’, (Brian Daniels, October 23, 2015), should strike fear into us all!

Once we had asylums filled with people, some suffering stress and depression as a result of troubled lives, plied with experimental hallucinatory drugs, plunged into freezing cold water, strapped into straitjackets, given horrific electric shock treatments bringing on terrifying seizures.

Routinely given mind-numbing drugs such as Largactyl that saw them walking, robot-like, around corridors reverberating with the sounds of troubled souls. Some suffering the final insult of a soul-destroying Labotomy.

Many patients were incarcerated for life but will we ever know whether these treatments exacerbated conditions which might otherwise have been relieved with time, caring, rest and compassion?

None of us are immune! Mental illness strikes without fear or favour and do we really want to return to the days when the government gave free rein to scientists to produce experimental drugs and psychiatric doctors the freedom to inflict horrendous treatments on the helpless?

Is our ready acceptance of ADHD as a recognised mental state, with its subsequent drug treatment, opening the door to another era of experimentation and the return of asylums that isolated patients leaving them prey to the above horrors?

Mary Steele

Deerlands Avenue, Parson Cross, Sheffield, S5 8AB