Nomination for Sheffield student with sight and hearing loss

Ellen Watson
Ellen Watson
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A University of Sheffield student was shortlisted for a national award for helping those with sight and hearing problems.

Ellen Watson, aged 20, who is losing her sight and hearing, was shortlisted for the Young Deafblind Person of the Year award by deafblind charity Sense.

Ellen, who is studying history and politics, was born with hearing impairments, and at 15 began losing her sight and was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome - a condition that causes progressive sight and hearing loss.

She is a campaigner and fundraiser for charities Sense and Guide Dogs.

“It’s been a rocky four years since I was diagnosed, but thanks to support from my family, my awesome mum, great friends and charities like Sense, it has not stopped me achieving what I set out to do,” she said.

Ellen, who did not win the award, added: “It is thanks to the tireless campaigning of charities like Sense that I have the opportunity to live a life as fulfilling as any other 20-year-old.”

Sense Chief Executive Gill Morbey said: “People with sensory impairments often face challenges in life and these awards reflect the fantastic achievements they have accomplished.”