‘Nolympics’ dream makes me weep

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So the biggest scam since the Emperor’s New Clothes is finally at an end and it only cost us £400 million per gold medal. Happy pills for all would have been cheaper and more effective.

Wally World in Stratford is deserted and the BBC hordes have returned to their caves where they can think up new ways of squandering taxpayers’ money.

Our patriotic athletes who trained in Portugal rather than the UK will now sing harder their lack of funding song.

It is astonishing that we can afford to pay £12 billion for people to play.

What if we paid people to work? Now that really would shock many in our communities.

What is the so-called legacy which will be the buzz word for months to come?

To be fair we have an area of the capital long deserted by indigenous Londoners now developed at a cost of billions which will now no doubt provide housing for “others” and expensive facilities for the favoured few.

The legacy for our children in Sheffield is massive, we are told. This will become evident when parents from Manor, Parson Cross and Pitsmoor rush out to buy £10,000 racing bikes, showjumping horses, sailing yachts and boats plus the odd £5,000 shotgun fot the clay pigeon shoot, so that their children can participate in the ‘Nolympics Dream’.

Expect also a surge in vaulting pole sales from inmates of our detention centres and prisons. Meanwhile, our playing fields are sold off for housing and our parks asphalted for car parks and we can’t even afford to collect our rubbish. Celebrate the Nolympics? No, just look at Britain and weep.

N Brownell, Abbeydale Road South, Sheffield S7

n The suggestion in The Star that the Don Valley Stadium might one day be renamed The Jessica Ennis Stadium seems an excellent one.

It adds to her honours, it marks her early interest in sport and it draws the stadium into the feelings and heart of the city and flows off the tongue in a way that The Don Valley Stadium never did.

Can you not imagine the next generation talking about going to ‘Jessica’s’ or ‘The JES’?

Michael Jarratt, St Andrew’s Plaza, St Andrew’s Road, Sheffield 11

n It was commendable of Colin Drury to admit that the Star has led the campaign for Don Valley Stadium to be renamed in honour of Jess Ennis; unlike Richard Fidler who claims that fans are calling for it.

I wholly support honouring Jess, but why choose the Don Valley Stadium?

Both Sheffield Eagles and Rotherham United have deserted it and it hasn’t hosted a major athletics (or any other) competition for years.

Before it is worthy to bear Jess’s name Sheffield International Venues – who run it – need to guarantee that it will attract world-class events.

Paul Kenny S3