Nobody does it better!

city centre buses
city centre buses
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The Star has to be congratulated for its punchy, Sort it Out front page story on November 12, concerning the notorious, early November chaos down at the Transport Interchange. Not only was it a belter, but nobody does it better!

What did you expect? Who seriously believed the Sheffield Bus Partnership, (SBP), when they said they’d been “working together to improve your bus travel”.

And just who are the SBP? My heart sank when I read that the discredited First bus company, was one of the participating organisations, and it all became crystal clear.

Especially when other partners were revealed to be Sheffield City Council, (surely the Wiggy Bobs of town hall politics), and the insipid SYPTE.

But, prejudices aside, at least they were supposedly working together.

For whom? Not for me or other people at Wisewood or Loxley, that’s for sure. And definitely not for the 5,000 incensed passengers who signed the petition to reverse the vindictive changes.

The SYPTE wants people to complain to the SBP. Don’t! There was never an initial consultation document in the first place. Rather it was an imposition borne of misleading information.

But it’s so easy to criticise. Could I, for example, have done better? At Wisewood and Loxley, absolutely! But for other routes I don’t know so well, then, no. But the answers are out there among South Yorkshire’s travelling public.

And if, after reading the Star’s front page story, there’s still anyone within the SYPTE, SBP, First bus or Sheffield City Council still unsure about public reaction to the transport changes, they need sacking.

Harry Deakin