No slacking, please

Wise: Kim Cattrall
Wise: Kim Cattrall
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She was the sexpot of Sex and The City...

Rarely did you see racy Samantha classily clad. Necklines were low and hemlines rose to meet them.

But actress Kim Cattrall is all demure off-screen.

She’s 56 and looking fabulous - mainly because she knows her own limitations.

“The dresses around at the moment haven’t been great for me - too short and girly,” she said recently.

“I’m a woman. I want middle-knee and if I don’t know what suits me at this point in my life, God help me.”

And so say all of us who’ve sped past the 50 sign and don’t want to spend out lives in jeans and trousers - or slacks, as they were known in my mother’s day (was that because everything they were covering up was exactly that?)

We want dresses: the feminine adult all-in-one, with no teaming up or tucking in required.

But even in shops aimed at our age group, dresses are way too short and have sleeves are designed for matchstick arms.

Why can’t designers to come up styles that reach the bits youth no longer does?