No rush to excavate castle site

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In regards to Ron Clayton’s article, (columnist Wednesday 23), I can not see why there is a rush to excavate Sheffield castle.

The remains of the foundations are safe under a concrete floor which is on four- to six-foot stilts to protect the archaeology.

While under there they are safe from the elements and from possible theft of artefacts and also they are under no threat from the construction as this is to become a green space.

After the English Civil War the castle was destroyed and all that was left was its foundations.

Then the remains of Sheffield castle were used as building material.

The remains are in our museums, in the walls of Sheffield buildings, (including one extension of the Cathedral and the medieval bridge is under Lady’s bridge still intact). There are paintings and sketches.

There are plenty of other sites that may come under threat of construction, exposure to elements or theft of artefacts.

Redmires WW1 camp and trenches are one of them.

These places that are under threat should be top priority not something that is safe.

Danny Allsebrook

Dunninc Terrace, Shiregreen, Sheffield, S5