No room for extremism

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THE sentence given to a man who chanted racist slogans outside a South Yorkshire mosque should stand as a stern lesson to anyone else who feels tempted to follow suit and stoke up hatred.

English Defence League supporter Daniel Parker will now have eight long months to come to terms with the error of his judgement and unacceptable behaviour.

We live in an age when understanding rather than hatred is needed more than ever.

All Parker achieved, apart from the loss of his liberty, was to play into the hands of extremists on both sides of the growing divide between communities in this country.

He should think himself lucky that the court did not serve the toughest sentence in its armoury for this offence, for then he could be spending years rather than months in paying the price for his actions.

There is no room for extremism, of any form and from anyone.

We are sure that our right-thinking readers will agree and welcome this sentence.

Building to solve future challenges

IT is encouraging to learn that Sheffield City Council is working to make life easier and more acceptable for our increasingly older population.

For the council is to consider plans to include 50 affordable homes for older residents as part of a £5 million development in Arbourthorne.

This is a welcome step and takes into account the warning signals that the city’s population is growing older and that fresh challenges will be faced in the years ahead.

That means that we need to start planning now if we are not to be faced with huge social problems.

This is a step in the right direction and, if approved, will allow people to remain in the communities which have nurtured them through their lives and where they feel comfortable and welcome.

That is an important factor in ensuring people can enjoy their later years rather than become a burden.

Name lives on

THERE is a long tradition in Sheffield of honouring the city’s leading figures by naming new buildings after them. And that tradition continues as Sheffield Hallam University rename one of its flagship buildings after our most famous furniture designers and philanthropists, the Cantor family. It is great to learn that a family name, which is synonymous with high quality design, will endure.