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The latest leaflet from Sprotbrough Conservatives implies that Sprotbrough Library Action Group (SLAG) is a ‘secret Labour-agenda group’ that has ‘wasted’ on ‘propaganda’ a grant from a ‘Labour controlled parish council’. None of this is correct.

SLAG has no political agenda other than to keep Sprotbrough Library functioning sustainably with professional staff, in the present building.

But this did mean seeking to reverse the council Cabinet decision, voted for by Sprotbrough Conservative ward councillors in the Cabinet, to withdraw council funding and a later decision seeking a volunteer-run library in another building, effectively closing the present library. Fortunately, there has recently been some reversal of these decisions with some temporary DMBC funding – but not for staff – and retention of the building for the time being.

SLAG has used the £300 from the then-Conservative-led and chaired parish council for ‘admin costs and development of community action plan re Sprotbrough Library’, to do what it could to raise public awareness, including eventually the public meeting to encourage volunteers to help with the library (with support from only one, a non-Sprotbrough ward, Conservative councillor).

Other SLAG activities have sought to increase library usage through school visits, coffee mornings and book sales for cancer charities and a tai chi class. We have never aligned ourselves with a political party (and indeed received complaints from a Labour councillor from another ward for not doing so) and never attacked the Conservative Party. We’d like an apology from Sprotbrough Conservatives for this misrepresentation.

Paul Jenkins, for SLAG