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In response to JS Arnold, (Letters, The Star, May 22), about my photograph of a sparrowhawk. I’m sorry that you seeing one of these birds catch a smaller bird upsets you, and as you pointed out a sparrowhawk’s diet depends on eating other birds.

It does not kill to be cruel, only to survive, it knows no other way.

It is no different than you or I, eating beef, lamb, pork, chicken or whatever. We can go to the supermarket and choose whatever we want to eat, not so the sparrowhawk, it has to do what its natural instincts tell it.

I always get excited when I see a bird of prey, and for a sparrowhawk to visit my garden is a real privilege.

So JS, please try and enjoy these wonderful events of nature, you should feel very fortunate to have witnessed such an event.

I’ve been around 76 years and not seen a sparrowhawk kill.

And please don’t be worried about them reducing the number of smaller birds because there are a lot more smaller birds than there are sparrowhawks.

Les Cornthwaite

Fraser Road, Sheffield 8