No need for Jacko photo

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The king of pop, lying dead on a hospital trolley...

Was there really any need for a world full of Jackson fans to see this pathetic and intensely private picture of the man who meant so much to them?

It was shown to the jury at the Los Angeles trial of his personal doctor Conrad Murray, who stands accused of administering the hospital-strength anaesthetics that killed Jackson.

And now, it’s in every national newspaper and a million websites the world over.

As the court case rumbles on, we will witness more and more personal and degrading exposés of Michael - from Murray’s defence lawyers.

In his attempt to clear himself, the medic we now know was paid £94,000 a month to pump his star patient full of body-numbing drugs will be making ever more murky revelations in a bid to shift responsibility onto Jackson.

How tragic that a man who so intensely guarded his private life should in death be laid so bare.