No idea how the other half lives

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I’d like to comment on a letter that was sent to Your Say regarding ‘Powers that be’.

I’d like to comment on a letter that was sent to Your Say regarding ‘Powers that be’.

I have a mentally disabled sister who has always had her housing rent paid direct and is now being told she will have to do it herself.

She lives in a house provided by Bradford Council, with 24/7 care. She has a mental age of eight and has no concept of money. So how will she be able to manage?

It makes me so cross as this is now liable to abuse by those caring for her, although I am not saying that the people who care for her on a regular basis would do that. But many temporary staff come and go.

The Government has no idea how the other half live.

Marion Tinker

Well done, Ben

I’m sure I speak for most, especially from the cycling fraternity, in congratulating Ben Swift on a brilliant performance in his first Tour de France. I’m sure he will return home one day with a white, green or even yellow jersey to hang on his wall. Well done.

Russell Cutts, Fairbank Rd, S5

Throw it to me

are we still in a recession? Because whenever you drive by Meadowhall, day or evening, the car parks are full. There’s obviously some money out there. I just wish someone would throw a bit my way.

Jayne Grayson

Stand together

THE public sector strike failed, as expected. But let’s see this as one small battle of many.

Not only workers are suffering as a result of government actions. The disabled, young, elderly, the mentally ill, homeless...all are suffering, not just from the cuts but from bills that will affect you all in the future.

So we must fight together to make the Government listen, as they promised to do before the election.

I was a staunch Conservative but I no longer have faith. Like many millions of others, I am afraid.

Anthony Rodgers, S5