No give-way signs recipe for disaster

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EARLIER this year The Star published a list of the road traffic accident statistics for Sheffield, and Shiregreen came out as having the most accidents.

This was despite the estate having road humps, road narrowing islands and a 20mph speed limit.

I have suggested previously, in this column, that the 20mph limit wouldn’t be very effective it there was no-one enforcing it.

I see, daily, dozens of vehicles travelling on Hartley Brook Road, and others, clearly over 20mph.

Motorists are not of a mind to obey the speed restrictions of their own accord, because recently The Star published details of drivers caught speeding when the roads on the estate were monitored.

The Star also published a story about the resurfacing of roads on Shiregreen.

What you didn’t mention was the letter sent to households on the estate which states: “We are not putting back many of the road markings at junctions when the resurfacing has been completed. “

The letter also states: “No road markings will mean that no vehicle has the right of way and travel slowly through the junction and be prepared to stop or give way to other vehicles. This type of measure has had a positive effect on lowering traffic speeds and reducing injury accidents.”

Now surely, road markings are at least an attempt to regulate the flow of traffic, and to not have central lines or give-way lines at junctions invites drivers to do what they want.

The first time there is an accident at such a junction, you can imagine both drivers blaming each other because neither of them was obliged to slow down.

At least if someone ignores a give-way sign at a junction and is involved in an accident, then it’s obvious they were at fault.

Giving the drivers the option to deal with such junctions seems ridiculous, especially when you consider how they have responded to 20mph signs, road narrowing and humps. How can an area with all these traffic schemes end up with the most accidents if drivers are adhering to them?

SC, Shiregreen