No faith in Defender Prince Charles

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I note that Prince Charles would like to change his title of “Defender of Faith” to “Defender of Faiths” to cover all religions, but from what I’ve seen, our heir to the throne couldn’t defend himself against an angry butterfly.

I vividly recall an incident caught on TV, when, at some sort of presentation in a large hall, Charles was on a raised stage, surrounded by bodyguards, hangers-on and dignitaries, when an intruder dashed down one of the aisles,shouting and bawling, obviously intent on mounting the stage and causing trouble.

Instead of whipping round to defend himself, when he heard the commotion, the Prince, his face a copy of the famous painting “The Scream’’, put his arms above his head as if trying to ward off the bogeyman in his childhood dreams, obviously in a state of panic. Some Defender !

Ron Humberstone