No evidence of sex offences

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I see no evidence was found of a sex offence at Greenlands Infant School in Darnall (Star, November 5). This news was to be expected, because it is well known that the vast majority of such complaints are unsubstantiated.

It seems that the school acted quite properly in suspending the alleged culprit and involving the police. Having taken these steps, the headmistress was right to try to continue schooling normally. There was no necessity to make a public announcement nor to send letters home.

It is deplorable that parents connived to make matters worse by spreading gossip and suspicion, causing the school to close and declaring no confidence in the headmistress.

It is difficult to understand what such behaviour could gain. It is time for these parents to offer an apology to Sue Daniels and the alleged offender.

BW Jervis, Button Hill, S10

Child benefits

I agree with everything Peter Flynn says (Nov 12): we must stabilise the world population. One idea, as he says, is to discourage people having lots of children they cannot support. This could work by paying out child benefits only for the first two children and any more children would have to be supported by the parents. It would make people who think that having more children means raking in more money have second thoughts if they must support them themselves.

My friend lives in Japan and has two sons. She would love a daughter but they are penalised for having more than two children even though she and her husband both have very good jobs. Maybe another course of action that could work here?

Name and address supplied

Combined vote

Increasingly I read letters describing either the Prime Minister or the government as being ‘unelected’.

At the last General Election the Conservatives took 36.1% of the votes, compared to labour’s 29%. This winning result being just 0.9% lower than Blair’s ‘landslide’ in 2005!

The combined vote of the coalition ‘ was 59.1% - a good majority by any political standards. You may love or loath the coalition but in no way can they be described as not having a mandate to govern.

Alan Ryder, Hallamshire Rd, S10