No consultation about getting rid of our bus

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Further to your article on Wednesday, July 17 on TM Travel getting rid of the 214 bus service we on the 252 bus route have the same problem from September 1 where TM Travel will be axing our service.

The bus runs from Eckington via Marsh Lane then through Ridgeway, Gleadless, Heeley and on to the city centre.

This is the only bus to run between Gleadless Road and Gleadless Town End and there are several people aged 60 and over that live in my area who use the bus to get to Crystal Peaks, Town, Post Office, Bank, and socialising etc.

The 252 is the only bus that serves Marsh Lane and passengers use this to get to work in Sheffield City Centre.

From September 1 they will be unable to do so.

TM Travel say that it is not financially viable to keep running the service but do they realise they are stranding people who are workers, retired people and the disabled?

Being partially disabled I will have a 20- minute walk to another bus or tram stop each morning and evening adding almost an hour to my journey each working day, whereas at the moment the bus stop for the 252 is 5-10 minutes walk away.

There has been consultation with people in Eckington and Marsh Lane but we in Gleadless have been left out of this and found out by accident about the removal of the service.

Please will someone take over the running of this bus service and not leave us tired after a long, hard day at work.

Audrey Nuttall

Toll Bar Road, Sheffield, S12