Nicotine is poisonous

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i’ve never read a column that contained so much complete clap-trap as that about smoking on July 22. Your entire premise of an argument for smoking from start to finish was littered with illogically flawed statements that lacked any base in fact.

i’ve never read a column that contained so much complete clap-trap as that about smoking on July 22. Your entire premise of an argument for smoking from start to finish was littered with illogically flawed statements that lacked any base in fact.

Nicotine is extremely toxic with a lethal dose being somewhere around a single drop. It cannot help deal with ‘stress’ it can only act as a calming agent to the body’s receptors that have already been primed into an addicted state by smoking, snorting or chewing tobacco products.

Nicotine’s primary function is as a poison, specifically against insects. That is what it does best and that is what any sane person should leave it to do. As for arguments that the pub trade collapsed due to the cigarette ban, well that bit of propaganda is so simplistic that it could have been produced by the tobacco industry itself.

The pub trade has suffered through the mismanagement of large breweries that are determined to sell generic lagers and beers through refitted cloned outlets, charging an extortionate and unsustainable rent while successive governments have increased duty on alcohol and promoted a 24/7 binge drinking culture that does not tie in with traditional pubs and licensing hours. These two pressures alone are toxic to pubs but when they are compounded by the general degradation of our society which is at the mercy of criminal gangs of chavs that are free to do as they please because of weak and ineffective policing, gangs that can render once busy and vibrant pubs into nothing more than a doss houses used to deal drug and fence stolen property.

Think Five Arches, The Magnet and the Horseshoe. All gone - and why?

There’s nothing cultured or civilised in burning a rolled up tube of paper stuffed with narcotic leaves. In fact I think it to be rather primitive behaviour more akin to what you would find in un-evolved aboriginals living a prehistoric lifestyle in the middle of a fly-blown jungle.

LS, Sheffield

Letting down cricket fans

I’M annoyed by Northern Rail’s failure of to plan ahead and consider passenger needs.

On Sunday well over 100 Sheffield cricket lovers were left stranded at Sheffield station because the 9am train to Nottingham only had two carriages. The result was that we had to get a much later train and missed the start of play at the Test Match.

If this was an isolated incident I wouldn’t make a fuss but it happens time and time again. Most train operators seem incapable of looking up the dates and times of sporting fixtures and planning accordingly; they treat sport spectators as cattle with cash rather than valued customers.

As well as writing to Northern Rail I will be copying the letter to Sheffield station, Nottinghamshire CCC and the England and Wales Cricket Board in the hope that they exercise some influence over the failing train operators.

Geoff Smith, Crookes

Anti-Royal Ron

Seems there’s an unfounded rumour that I am anti-Royalist (don’t know where that came from) so I’d like to set on record my genuine good wishes for Wills and Katie, and Zara and Mike Tindall, 30 years after the fairytale wedding of the century, of Charles and Diana - and look how that turned out. However, at least Katie and Zara, unlike the late Diana, won’t have to contend with the deranged rantings of a numpty who would be regarded as an oddball if he attended the monthly meeting of our Ecclesfield branch of the Flat Earth Society.

Ron Humberstone, Ecclesfield

Empty our bins every two weeks

I REALLY think we should be switching to fortnightly black wheelie bin collections as soon as possible.

My reasons for this are:

n The council needs to make cuts. Reductions in services to the disabled, elderly, young and vulnerable should be kept to a minimum. Our bins getting emptied fortnightly would free up a bit more cash for these services!

The Star has recently highlighted the very small increase in recycling since street collections started. People who don’t currently recycle will be encouraged to do so by the fact that they struggle to get two-weeks-worth of unsorted rubbish in the black bin.

The well-fitting lids on wheelie bins mean that there is virtually no danger from rotting food or vermin.

All cutbacks are uncomfortable, but let’s bite the bullet with this one.

Peter Smithers, Louth Road, S11

what do you think? Should black bins be emptied every two weeks? Write to Your Say and have your say!

Corrie’s lost plot

Does anyone else think Coronation Street has lost the plot or is it just the wrong plot for me? That guy (who I could never stand in Butterflies) looks nauseating when he is dressed as a woman and I have never liked the way he speaks. I can accept the gay storylines as they ring true. I stopped watching any other soaps for various reasons but I stuck with Corrie as I like the humour. I’m seriously thinking of ditching that too unless this storyline ends soon.


A great café

I READ Nik Brear’s (July 27) review on 22A Norfolk Row Café and would like to add my appreciation of the quality of the food served in this cosy café! Every Wednesday lunchtime for some time my daughter, Rebecca, and myself have enjoyed rostis and salad with a large helping of cheesecake. We have become quite friendly with the extremely efficient and helpful staff. Incidentally, the cheesecake is the best we’ve tasted and the other cakes look equally delicious!

Doreen Morton

Looking ahead to next 30 years

Thursday marks the 30th anniversary of the day that work started on the Heeley City Farm site. Rather than hold a specific celebration of our 30 years we are staging a programme of regular events and activities for all ages throughout the year and we are open daily from 9am to 5pm (

On behalf of the directors, staff and volunteers at the farm can we thank the people of Sheffield and especially the Heeley community for supporting us through our problems and disasters and helping us celebrate our triumphs over the last 30 years.

And can we thank The Star and Telegraph and your reporters, from Bryan C Dunthorne and Stephen McClarence to Nancy Fielder and David Bocking, for helping to report and publicise our many and varied activities. Here’s to another 30 years.

John Le Corney, chief executive, Heeley City Farm

Solar panels

We are considering solar panels for the house, but are torn between paying for the panels and having them fitted free. We realise that one will give us a profit (eventually) and the other won’t. We’d welcome any advice from anyone who has panels fitted.

Alan Parkin

Random texts

I GET random texts offering help to claim compensation for my recent accident. What accident? I wasn’t aware I’d had one. If I did have one I wouldn’t be trying to get money with the help of some ambulance chasers. I’d never reply to these texts. They’ll get no money from me that way. But how many are caught out by these tactics?

Jayne Grayson

Building flats

what a good idea it is to build flats at the bottom of Ecclesall Road, as this gets work for all types of tradesmen. But I don’t understand why these are for students and not for young people, couples and singles who can’t afford a mortgage. We should think of our own people first.