Nicotine is a poison

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Never have I read an article that contained so much complete and uncompromising clap-trap as the one printed by Rachel Clegg on July 22.

I had to check the date to make sure it wasn’t an April fool. Her entire argument for smoking was littered with illogically flawed statements that lacked any base in fact.

Nicotine is an extremely toxic substance with a lethal dose to humans being somewhere around a single drop. It cannot help anyone deal with stress, it can only act as a calming agent to the receptors within the body that have been primed into an addicted state by either smoking, snorting or chewing tobacco products.

The primary function of nicotine is as a poison, specifically against insects.That is what it does best and that is what any sane person should leave it to do.

As for the arguments that the pub trade has collapsed due to the cigarette ban, that bit of propaganda could have been produced by the tobacco industry itself.

I will not lower myself into making a comment on her trade-off of passive smoking lung cancer victims against the loss of community pubs. That really was the nadir of her whole argument.

The pub trade has suffered through the mismanagement of large breweries determined to sell lagers and beers through refitted cloned outlets that they charge an extortionate rent for.

Successive Governments increased duty on alcohol and promoted a 24/7 binge drinking culture that does not tie in with traditional licensing hours. These two pressures are toxic to pubs but they are compounded by the degradation of our society. A society that is at the mercy of criminal gangs of chavs free to do as they please because of weak and ineffective policing, gangs that can render once busy pubs into nothing more than doss houses used to deal drugs and fence stolen property.

I suppose there is a lot to be said for “a cheeky bifter”

It makes the smoker smell like an ashtray, it turns their teeth a nice shade of brown and it will in most probabilities cause them to suffer with chronic illnesses that will shorten their life expectancy a great deal. It makes them look like a complete moron in doing so”

LS Sheffield