Nick Clegg Syria vote letter

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Sheffield MP and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has written to party members in the wake of the Government’s defeat in the House of Commons on plans to take military action against Syria.

Bombings were being considered after President Assad was suspected of using chemical weapons against his own people.

Mr Clegg said: “We all grappled with a complex set of questions about Britain’s role in the world: our views on the scope of international law; on the place for humanitarian intervention; and on how to respond to war crimes committed on foreign soil.

“My own views are well known: that there is a humanitarian case for the UK to be prepared to participate in multi-lateral, legal, targeted military action in Syria, aimed at deterring the use of chemical weapons. But there are no easy answers in this debate and I entirely understand and respect the misgivings that have led some colleagues and party members to oppose such action.”

He added: “Parliament made its opposition to military action clear and the government will abide by that.”