Nice little earner for Post Office

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Among the Christmas cards we received was one from the Post Office saying they couldn’t deliver a letter as there was insufficient postage paid on it.

I had to pay another £1.20p if I wanted to collect it. I was expecting an item from eBay and thought that it was this.

I went to the collecting office to claim the letter, paid my £1.20 and found it was a Christmas card with a second class stamp. When I asked about the need for further payment, They’d had thousands like it. It is 7-in square (17.5 cms) – hardly LARGE.

Nice little earner for the Post Office. Be aware, only send small cards!

Happy Christmas all (except the Post Office).

Rob Burkinshaw, Quarry Farm, Worrall


A SHOWTIME charity concert on Friday, Jan 13, at Crookes Club, will include tributes to Cliff, Elvis and Lady Gaga as well as the Branching Out dancers, a disco and buffet. For tickets (costing £5), call 07838 241323. All proceeds will go to the Cavendish Care Centre.

Ashley Johnson, S9

The slave trade

So Mr Cameron wants to go back to Christian values. I can only imagine which values he would choose. Possibly the church’s involvement in the slave trade with the erosion of workers rights and possible abolition of the minimum wage? The origins of the Church of England, Henry VIII, (get lost Europe, I want to do things my way)? Thomas de Torquemada may be an inspiration, (three line whip for MPs who don’t agree with him)? The act of Simony, bit obscure but instead of buying sacrement, buying the ears of ministers (Bell Pottinger anyone?)? Yes Mr Cameron I can see where you’re coming from. The Borgias would be proud of you.

Geoff Bunting, Herries Road

Council home

I WAS sorry to read the letter from Paula Howard about her family’s unavailability of a council home. When you have all been driven mad and resorted to drugs go back to the housing department and they will give you a property to wreck and abuse.


A refreshing change

CONGRATULATIONS to the polite young students selling their hand-crafted gifts and jewellery in Crystal Peaks.

It was a refreshing change from the usual Christmas market rubbish. Well done and let’s have more.

Joan Moody

Weather or not

After reading how weatherman Paul Hudson and 52 computers failed to predict the snow on Thursday morning, I have now decided to replace their forecasts with a bunch of seaweed and shells and pine cones over my back door.

Daisy Benton. Birdwell

Thank you for help

many thanks to the kind person who found my bus pass in Marks & Spencer, in Fargate and handed it in to staff there.

I quickly realised that it was missing and retrieved it from the store’s customer services staff.

Sheila Law, Stanwood Road, S6

Find solution

Judd Newton (Dec 19) says I attacked him for objecting to Castle Market being demolished to make way for a pile of stones. There’s a misunderstanding... if that was the proposal I’d be with Judd. Reducing a prime city site to a wasteland, however interesting the exposed stones, would be ridiculous. My position is that IF the market building is to be demolished the replacement should allow open areas within its concourse areas to display the ruins, together with explanatory boards. I’m all for the site serving a useful purpose in the 21st century, but if that can include educating users on the site’s earlier significance, I think a decent architectural solution could achieve both.

John Brown, retired architect

Lost revenue

How does Norman Baker (Dec 17) arrive at the fantastic sum of £14 million in lost revenue? Richard Caborn MP, nearly four years ago asked East Midlands Trains how much was lost to fare evasion and how many charges were brought against fare-dodgers and vandals. Transport police could not provide an answer, even though the meeting had been convened by East Midlands Trains to put the case for barriers. Since then, East Midlands Trains have been asked repeatedly the same questions, only to be told the information is not available owing to all relevant data being gobbled up by corrupt laptops. So if East Midlands Trains, with their faulty laptops, don’t know the total, how does Norman Baker?

Vivien Ratcliffe, Norfolk Rd, S2