NHS is in a state under this Coalition

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I feel I must write in absolute frustration about the state of the NHS under this coalition.

If anyone wants to save this great institution they must vote Labour at the election. Nurses such as myself, at the end of our working lives with no family responsibilities, have to speak out if we are to have young men and women choosing nursing as a career in the future.

How can anyone without any inside knowledge of the workloads on the wards understand how on one shift six staff can quite easily look after 28 patients but the next day, with the same patients, nine staff may not be sufficient due to changes in those people’s conditions over 24 hours.

But this is what we have - management who have no medical or nursing background, people who lack the empathy required and whose only purpose seems to be to save money, with total disregard of the consequences. How they expect to do this when paying out outrageous amounts of money on agency staff each year instead of taking on permanent staff, I do not know.

But if all this continues and the NHS is on its knees, maybe young men and women will decide it is not the profession for them and who can blame them?

Liz Harrison