Next wave of city immigrants should be housed in Hallam

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The first episode of the BBC2 Documentary, “Police under Pressure” focused on Sheffield, and should serve as a warning to the rest of the country.

Never have I seen a police documentary where officers of all ranks seem to be so demoralised and completely frustrated by not having the resources to do their jobs. Police told us how they were informed that 700 Roma families were to arrive in the Page Hall district of Sheffield, an area with a huge swathe of thousands of mostly Asian people, and warned that there were potential problems but they were not given increased resources. Sure enough problems began and a small band of officers were responsible for keeping the peace.

We were shown footage of the officers being completely ignored by youths in Page Hall, then feral white youths running riot two miles away. The same officers had to be sent there because there aren’t enough to cover both areas. They were unable to have any effect because they were outnumbered. The meeting where high level officers were discussing £42 million worth of further government cuts was jaw dropping. They seemed at a loss as to what was left to cut, and looked physically and mentally weary with the strain of trying to balance their books. We are not safe on the Streets of Sheffield, because of these draconian cutbacks.

Hopefully, the next documentary will be on GP surgeries, where older people are being moved from their local surgeries to make way for immigrants.

I would suggest, as he’s so keen on immigration, that the next wave to arrive should be housed in Nick Clegg’s Hallam constituency. I bet he’ll make sure there are enough police available to keep the area safe, and enough doctors to keep his voters healthy.