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In answer to Lorraine Ricketts’ letter, (Friday, October 30), concerning bus changes in Sheffield from November 1, there are a lot of unhappy people in Sheffield who have a view on the subject and I for one have a very strong view and have got a petition going in my area.

The people who have made these changes admit there was fierce opposition to the changes but they still went ahead and did it.

I, like Lorraine, think they have never used buses and have just sat in an office and thought this looks like a good idea, we will do it regardless of what bus users think.

In our area, (Upperthorpe/Netherthorpe), we have an hourly bus that takes people down to the market. This is still going to happen, but on the return journey people go to Charter Row and catch it at the back of Atkinsons.

However, they now have to walk from the market with heavy shopping bags, (if they are able), to Furnival Gate to catch the bus that then goes round by where the old fire station used to be and on to West Street, until it gets on to West Street. There are no bus stops, so it is missing two bus stops out, one of which is where a lot of people get on, therefor reducing pick-up points for this bus service.

I cannot get my head round the logic and thinking behind this decision.

I would have thought SCC would have contested these changes as they want people to use the market and this is one way the bus companies are discouraging people from our area doing this.

I urge everyone who doesn’t agree with these changes to put some pressure on SYPTE again on some of these changes.

As for “a joined-up bus network”, I think it’s joined up to Cloud Cuckoo Lane.

Mrs Y Collins