News In Brief: Schoolgirl and her family’s arson fear

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

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A FAMILY of three fled to safety when arsonists struck at their home on Queen Mary Road, Manor, Sheffield, at 11.15pm on Thursday.

A canopy above the front door was set alight. A nine-year-old girl and her parents were in the house at the time, but didn’t suffer any injuries.

Bin flames spread

FLAMES from two burning wheelie bins spread to the back door of a house on Wren Bank, Wybourn, Sheffield, at 11.45pm on Thursday. The blaze also spread to a nearby fence, and the resident in the property, a man in his late 20s, left his house while firefighters extinguished the flames.

Accidental skip fire

A SKIP caught fire accidentally near St Mary’s Primary School on Herringthorpe Valley Road in Rotherham at around 9.30pm on Thursday. A fire crew also put out a burning car on Glasshouse Lane, Kilnhurst, in the early hours of yesterday. The three-door hatchback was so badly damaged firefighters were unable to determine its make.

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